Test Delivery

PSI/AMP partners with our clients to help you determine the best test delivery & distribution options for your unique program including a variety of test driver solutions – Server based – Internet based – Third party test drivers. Utilizing PSI/AMP’s multiple methods of secure test delivery allows you to decide where and how to distribute your exam. Our solutions are completely customizable depending on your preferences and your situation.

Unproctored (On Demand)

PSI/AMP has a decade long history of unproctored test delivery to private locations (homes, offices) primarily to fulfill the corporate talent recruiting requirements of leading companies worldwide.

Online Proctored

Through PSI’s recent acquisition of Innovative Exams, PSI/AMP now offers several remote proctoring models that are unique to the testing industry.

  • Online Interactive Proctoring – Real time monitoring with remote PSI Certified Proctors
  • Record & Review – Authenticates the identity and captures the entire exam session which is later reviewed by PSI Certified Proctors
  • Testing Kiosks – Kiosks are self-service, easily hosted by a variety of partners, and provide a convenient service to your testing population

PSI Premier PLUS® – National Test Center Network

PSI Premier PLUS® Test Centers are a network of PSI owned-and-operated sites and partner sites, with over 260 locations nationwide.

AMP Assessment Center Network

The AMP Assessment Center Network provides high stakes, secure testing in approximately 200 sites across the US, geographically located to best service candidate populations.

PSI Authorized Test Center Network

PSI Authorized test center network sites are independently-owned and have been carefully selected to meet strict security and administration standards set by federal agencies. Over 340 test centers are available throughout the United States and Canada.

PSI Authorized -International Test Center Network

PSI International Partner sites are independently-owned and operate in worldwide regions:

  • Europe
  • Middle East and Africa
  • Asia Pacific Countries
  • South and Central America

Our Partners in these designated regions are selected to meet the stringent selection criteria of our Authorized sites for their quality, service, amenities and passion to deliver the best candidate test experience possible.